Introduction to MCC for Salesforce

Native Salesforce Mobile Check Capture Managed Package


The Payology Mobile Check Capture App was developed with the purpose of facilitating mobile check payment acceptance within the Salesforce platform. The App allows for the capture and storage of check images and the extraction and mapping of data found within the check to records/fields within Salesforce. In many instances, clients utilizing the Payology Mobile Check Capture App will also use the Payology Lite or Payology Premium App(s) to submit captured check items to their financial institutions.

Use Cases

The Payology Mobile Check Capture App is widely used within the Salesforce ecosystem. The most common use cases are represented by two personas: internal and external users.

Internal users, in many cases, are field workers who possess Salesforce user licenses. These users access the App to capture checks received by clients, typically after delivering products to, or performing a service for, the client. Under these circumstances, the App is utilized as the final step in the receivables process, which proceeds the selection of invoices to which that check will be applied to. This process greatly reduces the workload on the home office while streamlining cash flow and overall receivables.

The second persona, the external user, is an end-customer who does not always possess a Salesforce user license. This user can access the App through either Salesforce Community or a public-facing website. In these cases too, the end-customer can capture a check for a predetermined invoice or select from a list of open invoices which will be used in the application/allocation of the check item.

The two use cases above ensure the receipt of check items happen in real-time, eliminating the requirements for lockboxes, snail-mail usage, and all labor and the time necessary to process check items within the home office.


The Payology Mobile Check Capture for Salesforce solution solely requires Salesforce. It can be installed by a Salesforce Administrator using the AppExchange. Although installation of the solution can take place within a few minutes, configuration and integration of the App within Salesforce Community Cloud or a site may take up to 4 weeks.

Important Notes does not retain the image of checks or sensitive data (i.e. account number, MICR, etc.) extracted by the Payology Mobile Check Capture App. However, images and data do reside within Salesforce. Sensitive data is encrypted in Transit and is stored within encrypted fields at Rest.

Next Steps

To use the Payology Mobile Check Capture App, please speak with your Account Representative or contact Sales to obtain a license number. Once in possession of the license number, please see the next section, labeled Configuring the Payology MCC Salesforce App.