Introduction to CS SDK

Check Scanner Communication, OCR Check Data Extraction, and Barcode Detection


The Payology Check Scanning SDK was developed with the purpose of simplifying communication between a cloud-based platform and check scanning hardware. The Check Scanning SDK allows for check and remittance advice scanning, endorsement, OCR check data parsing and extraction, and barcode detection.

Use Cases

The Payology Check Scanning SDK is widely used across various industries. It is not used solely for the scanning and delivery of check items to a client's financial institution but, more importantly, as a way to streamline the Accounts Receivable process.

Clients utilizing the SDK most commonly develop a check scanning user interface that allows them to easily apply the check items collected to invoices, accounts, or as another example, for non-profits, opportunities/households. The development of this user interface allows organizations to reduce labor costs, specific to receipt of checks by up to 90%

Insurance Companies, Non-Profits, Self-Directed IRA Administrators/Custodians, and B2B clients, in particular, can take advantage of features/functions of the SDK not found utilizing other competitive solutions. For example, the Payology Check Scanning SDK is the only SDK that allows for multiple remittance advice(s) per check or multiple checks per remittance advice (referred to as groupings). The SDK also offers barcode detection, IQA, and usability testing normally functions not incorporated in one unified check scanning solution.


The Payology Check Scanning SDK is a Javascript library. Therefore, it does not require any OS-specific hardware/software. Unless using Salesforce, clients must allocate development resources to configure the product in their cloud-based environments. The most common implementation time is between two and four weeks.

Users who utilize the fully developed check scanning solution must have a compatible check scanner.

Important Notes does not retain the image of checks or sensitive data (i.e. account number, MICR, etc.) extracted using the Payology Check Scanning SDK. Furthermore, this process will not allow for the depositing of check items. Submission of checks to a client's financial institution occurs when using the Payment Gateway, a separate product offering by our organization.

Next Steps

To use the Payology Check Scanning SDK, please speak with your Account Representative or contact Sales to obtain a license number. Once in possession of the license number, please see the next section, labeled Using the MCC API.