Introduction to DocuSplit 2.0

Edit, Crop, Rotate, Mark documents natively in Salesforce


The Docusplit App was developed with the purpose of streamlining and securing document scanning and PDF extraction directly within the Salesforce platform. The App allows users to scan documents or import them from a user's PC or Salesforce record, manipulate or annotate each page within the document(s), and save a page or group of pages to a variety of Salesforce records.

Use Cases

The Docusplit App is widely used across a variety of organizations within the Salesforce ecosystem. The most common use cases are represented by a need to scan or extract physical or digital documents securely.

Salesforce users who require a high level of security, especially those within the government or medical industry will benefit from Docusplit's native functionality. Users can scan physical documents directly into Salesforce, bypassing the requirement to save scanned items to a user's local PC. Furthermore, users can manipulate documents by blacking-out or cropping sensitive information while annotating or highlighting other data points within the documents.

Organizations that choose to benefit from the streamlining functions of Docusplit can choose not just from the scanning functions provided, but from its import functions as well. The two import functions, Import from PC and Import from Salesforce are most commonly used by organizations that receive PDF or image (jpg, png, etc.) files directly into Salesforce or via email. Those documents can be opened within Salesforce and routed to their corresponding records.

As an example, many organizations, especially loan providers and shipping logistic providers, receive due diligence documents and bills/shipping documents from customers and/or vendors via portals. Those documents can be received in Salesforce and channeled within seconds post-review.


The Docusplit App for Salesforce solely requires Salesforce unless using its scanning functionality. In the case that scanning is required, scanner drivers must be installed to allow communication between Salesforce/browsers and flatbed or multi-feed scanners.

Important Notes and Docusplit respectively do not receive nor store documents scanned or imported. This ensures adherence with HIPAA, as well as other similar privacy and security policies.

Next Steps

Before Docusplit can be utilized, it must first be installed and configured. As a next step, please view the section labeled Installing the Docusplit App.