The Data Model

The Data Model

In addition to the Check Verification Settings objects, the Check Verification Data Model is composed of 2 primary Salesforce Customer Objects as shown below:

Object NameDescription
Check Verification ResponsesThis object contains a prepopulated set of data identifying all possible results which may return upon submission of a transaction to the Check Verification Gateway. Clients may choose to alter the data set to designate specific results as Low, Medium, or High Risk.
VerificationThe Verification object is the driving force behind the submission of items to the Check Verification Gateway. Upon creation of a record, the data populated within the record will be transmitted for verification.

The Data Model Diagram

Please see the diagram below for a visual description of the Check Verification Data Model consisting of both objects and the transmission of items to the Check Verification Gateway.


Next Steps

With insight into the Primary Objects driving transmission to and from the Check Verification Gateway, Salesforce Administrators and Developers should take time to understand each object individually, beginning with the Check Verification Response object. For detailed information related to the Check Verification Response object, please see the next section, labeled The Check Verification Responses Object.