Verification Services Offered

Types of Verification Services

Services Used to Verify Bank Data

The Check Verification API allows organizations to verify bank account data using four options.

  1. ATM/NCN Verify– This service allows an organization to query a number of negative databases including Telecheck and Microbilt. The databases contain check-writing history for millions of accounts in the US.

  2. ForeWarn (aka Early Warning) - The Forewarn service provider receives millions of account records on a daily basis from the majority of the banks in the US, therefore providing high coverage and accuracy. The service is utilized to verify account validity, matching account data entered or submitted by an organization's users to the data provided by the banks.

  3. Routing Verification - This service will validate a routing number against an internal database of known routing numbers provided by the Federal Reserve bank and a variety of other data sources.

  4. Live Verify (aka Live Verification) - The Live Verify Service queries hundreds of financial institutions for account validity and sufficient fund balances.

Important Notes

Unlike all other verification services provided, Live Verify results are provided in pseudo-real-time. This requires an organization to submit a transaction for verification and follow-up within 1 minute for the status of such verification.

Next Steps

To view instructions on how organizations can use the API to verify account validity, check writing history, routing numbers, and/or sufficient fund balances, please see the section labeled Using the Check Verification API.