Configuration of Display Fields

Configuring Display Fields for Corresponding Related Objects

Display Fields Explained

Display Fields allow Administrators to define where specific fields of a record will be displayed upon the search of a record or placed in the User Interface for editing or viewing purposes. This ensures that a user can edit portions of the record he/she saves to directly from the User Interface.

Creation of Display Field Records

To create Display Fields, navigate to the Related Object record created and:

  1. Click "New" on the Display Field grid.
  2. Input the values of all fields.
  3. Click "Save"

Field Definitions:

In the below grid, you will find the description of each field that is required within the Display Field record.

Field NameName of the object selected on the Related Object.
SearchUsed to determine whether the field and its value should be displayed as part of the autocomplete on the Docusplit user interface during the importing or saving process.
Show on FormShows the field and its value on a form in the Docusplit user interface. When read-only is not selected users with permissions to edit this field will be able to do so directly from the Docusplit user interface.
Read OnlyWhen selected, the field and its value will appear on the form in the Docusplit user interface but will not be editable.
Field OrderIf shown on the form, this field will be used to determine the order in which the field will display on the form.

Next Steps

The Document Type creation process is now complete. Optionally, the Salesforce Administrator can choose to display Docusplit on an Object or link to it by placing a button (shortcut) on the object. To view instructions on how to configure in object components, please see the navigation item labeled, Configuring Docusplit Object Components.