Introduction to MCC API

Check Rotation, Cropping, and Extraction via API


The Payology Mobile Check Capture API was developed with the purpose of providing organizations a simple, easy-to-use solution for check rotation, cropping, and extraction. Although the solution is extensively used within hybrid and native mobile applications, it is not exclusive to such devices. In fact, the API is also used to facilitate the capture of checks via desktop/flatbed scanners.

Use Cases

Today, the Payology Mobile Capture API is used across a variety of industries. However, the primary users of our technology fall within the Property Management and Insurance sectors.

Our Property Management clients use the technology within their mobile applications, enabling their users to pay-by-check. In doing so, residents, especially with the dangers of COVID-19, can capture an image of a check item from the safety of their homes, and stay current with their lease balance.

In the insurance sector, the solution is used quite differently. In contrast with our Property Management clients, the solution is used in both flatbed and mobile environments. In the flatbed scanning workflow, insurance agents scan a variety of insurance documents in combination with a check found at the end of the group of documents. That image is then sent to our API, which in turn, rotates the check, crops the image, and returns all of the extracted data to the client. The mobile process is not drastically different; used by agents to capture checks received by their clientele and processed directly within the Insurance Agent/Employee Mobile Application.


The Payology Mobile Check Capture API is a managed solution. Therefore, it does not require any OS-specific hardware/software. However, clients must allocate development resources to configure the product in their mobile/desktop cloud-based environments. The most common implementation time is between one and three weeks.

Important Notes does not retain the image of checks or sensitive data (i.e. account number, MICR, etc.) extracted using the MCC API. Furthermore, this process will not allow for the depositing of check items. Submission of checks to a client's financial institution occurs when using the Payment Gateway, a separate product offering by our organization.

Next Steps

To use the Payology Mobile Check Capture API, please speak with your Account Representative or contact Sales to obtain a license number. Once in possession of the license number, please see the next section, labeled Using the MCC API.