Introduction to Check Scanning for Salesforce

Native Salesforce Check Scanning Managed Package


The Payology Check Scanning App was developed with the purpose of facilitating check acceptance using a commercial check scanner within the Salesforce platform. Similar to the Mobile Check Capture (MCC) application, the Check Scanning App allows for the scanning and storage of check images and the extraction and mapping of data found within the check to records/fields within Salesforce. Amongst the dozens of additional features, the Check Scanning App allows for remittance advice scanning, barcode scanning and extraction, non-programmatic check scanning user-interface configuration, and real-time validation. In many instances, clients utilizing the Payology Check Scanning App will also use the Payology Lite or Payology Premium App(s) to submit scanned check items to their financial institutions.

Use Cases

The Payology Check Scanning App is widely utilized within the Salesforce ecosystem. Although it is fully customizable at its core, the App does include already configured open extensions for Accounting Seed and the Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP).

NGO's, Self-Directed IRA's, Insurance, Municipalities, and Property Management organizations already on-platform or transitioning into Salesforce are those most likely to utilize the Check Scanning App. These verticals most commonly have an excess amount of check payments which require, at times lengthy and sophisticated Accounts Receivable workflows.

Regardless of industry type, organizations who today use their banking or third party solutions for scanning and use Salesforce for the reconciliation of payments (i.e. applying a check to an invoice, account, household, etc.) will benefit from a reduction of time and costs, often in excess of 50%.

The use case above ensures the application of payments to records within Salesforce happens at the time the check payment is scanned and transmitted to a client's financial institution.


The Payology Check Scanning App for Salesforce solution solely requires Salesforce. It can be installed by a Salesforce Administrator using the Salesforce AppExchange. Although installation of the solution can take place within a few minutes, configuration of the App within Salesforce may take up to 2 business days.

Important Notes does not retain the image of checks or sensitive data (i.e. account number, MICR, etc.) extracted by the Payology Check Scanning App. However, images and data do reside within Salesforce. Sensitive data is encrypted in transit and stored within encrypted fields using Salesforce Classic Encryption.

Next Steps

To use the Payology Check Scanning App, please speak with your Account Representative or contact Sales to obtain a license number. Once in possession of the license number, please see the next section, labeled Installing the Payology Check Scanning App.