Introduction to Gateway

The Gateway Explained


The Gateway was developed to facilitate the capture and transfer of EFT (ACH & PAD) and check payments to a client's financial institution. Additionally, as a bi-directional Gateway, returned EFT and checks can be received, matched with their original payment, and queried by clients to keep in line with their accounting policies/procedures.


The Gateway is developed using a combination of Java and Javascript. Therefore, it does not require any OS-specific hardware/software. Unless using Salesforce, clients may be required to allocate development resources to configure the transmission of payment data or receipt of return data in their cloud-based environments. The most common implementation time is between two and four days.


The Gateway requires integration into a client's financial institution. Although the integration process may take only a few minutes, the information required to complete connectivity and QA testing may take up to 4 weeks, depending on the client's financial institution.

Important Notes

The integration and transactions submitted to the financial institution may come at a cost to the client. Clients and prospects should communicate with their institutions to determine the cost structure, should such structure exist. The services required are as follows:

ServicePayment TypeDescriptionRequired
FTP/SFTP/FTPS ConnectivityAllAllows the Gateway to transmit X9, NACHA, and/or PAD files to the financial institution and/or retrieve returns from the institution.Yes
Image Cash Letter (ICL/X9/Check21)ChecksAllows the Gateway to transmit check payments to the institution.Yes - For Checks
NACHA (ACH)ACHAllows the Gateway to transmit ACH payments to the financial institution within a NACHA file.Yes - For ACH
PADPADAllows the Gateway to transmit PAD payments to the financial institution within a PAD file (84 character file).Yes - For PAD
ReturnsAllAllows the Gateway to download PAD, X9, and/or ACH returns from the financial institution.No

Next Steps

To use the Gateway via API, please speak with your Account Representative or contact Sales to obtain an API Key. Once in possession of the key, please see the API reference section, labeled Submission of ACH Credits, Debits or Check Transactions.. You can also view Returns, Adjustments, and Rejections to understand the Returns process thoroughly.