Load Open Batch Picklist Configuration

Fields Displayed on the Load Open Batch Picklist

Configuring Load Batch Display Fields

The Load Batch picklist on the Payology Check Scanning User Interface can be customized to display a variety of fields on the Batch object. By default, the Batch ID, Date of Batch, Batch Count, and Sum of Batch is displayed.

Salesforce Administrators who choose to add additional fields can do so by picking the fields within the Batch Fields on the Load Batch Settings Configuration tab.

The two fields which are found within the configuration process are:

Field NameDescription
IndexThe Index represents the order in which fields will be displayed within the Load Batch row. The index is auto-numbered/ordered based on the position of the field on the configuration grid. The Salesforce Administrator may add or remove fields that will be listed in the column by clicking on the "+" or "-" buttons displayed to the right of the Index number.
FieldName of the field on the Batch object which will be displayed on the Load Batch picklist.

Streamlining Load Batch Field Display Configuration Promotion to UAT or Production

To streamline the promotion of the configuration settings from Sandbox to UAT or Production, each step of the configuration process includes an "Upload" and "Download" button. When clicking the "Download" button, a JSON file will be provided to the user. This JSON file can then be uploaded in UAT or Production environments by clicking on the configuration step and selecting the "Upload" button, choosing the downloaded file as the final step. Please ensure you are uploading and downloading the correct JSON file for each step of the configuration process.

Next Steps

To continue the configuration process, Salesforce Administrators can optionally choose to configure the on-screen validation rules. For detailed information on the configuration of the validation rules, please see the next section, labeled Validation Rule Configuration.