Using Tokens in URL Parameters

The Use of Tokens in URLs

Token Usage in URL Redirects

The Redirect URL can be served as a conduit in the transmission of dynamic transaction data values to external systems. As an example, external sites may call on the Mobile Check Capture Submission App through a site and, upon completion, redirect users back to the external site with the data point indicative of a capture completion.

To Tokenize the URL, simply enter the API field name of the Check Capture Submission record within open and closed curly brackets.


Using the example above, the Payology Mobile Check Capture App will convert the tokens as follows:

Next Steps

To complete the setup of the Payology Mobile Check Capture solution, a Salesforce Administrator or Developer will be required to create a public-facing site, utilize the Lightning Web Components in Salesforce or Salesforce Communities, or call upon our Salesforce Restful API endpoints via a native mobile application. To learn how you can configure Payology Mobile Check Capture to be utilized via, click the navigation item labeled Configuration and Access.