Configuring the Payology Check Scanning App

Configuring the Check Scanning Grid, Save Dialog, Check Scan and Remittance Settings and Validation Rules.

Configuration of the Payology Check Scanning App

After installing the Payology Check Scanning App, the Salesforce Administrator must begin the configuration process. This process requires:

  1. Configuring check and remittance scanning
  2. Configuring the check scanning user interface
  3. Configuring the batch save pop-over (optional)
  4. Configuring the load open batch picklist display
  5. Configuring the in-UI validation rules

Important Notes

Clients utilizing the Payology Check Scanning or Payology Mobile Check Capture apps are advised to install and configure their usage of Payology Lite for transmission of checks to their financial institution. Installing Payology Lite will allow for a more streamlined configuration of the Check Scanning User Interface.

Next Steps

To begin the configuration process, post-installation of the Payology Check Scanning and Payology Lite apps in Salesforce, we must first configure the check and remittance scanning functions. For detailed information on the configuration of these functions, please see the next section, labeled Check and Remittance Advice Configuration.