The Check Allocation Object

Check Allocation Object Field Descriptions

The Check Allocation Object

The Check Allocation Object may be utilized by both the Payology Mobile Check Capture and Payology Check Scanning Apps. When used, it is the second most important record, holding the data needed to apply a check.

For example, this record most commonly holds the invoice, policy, or account in which the check applies or the gift type (i.e. one-time gift, pledge), if using solutions such as NPSP. This record also contains the Allocation Amount which may differ from the check amount (i.e. one check for $200.00 pays for 2 invoices of $100.00 each).

It of course also relates to the Check record, in this record called a Payment Method.

The Check Allocation Object Fields

Field LabelTypeDescription
Allocation AmountCurrency (16,2)Partial or full amount of the check which will be applied to a receivables record (i.e. invoice, bill, policy, gift, etc).
BarcodeText (255)When using the Payology Check Scanning App, the barcode field may be filled when a remittance coupon is scanned and a barcode identified.
Check Allocation NameAuto NumberUnique name assigned by Salesforce to the Check Allocation record.
Created ByLookup (User)Salesforce User ID used in the creation of the Check Allocation Record.
Last Modified ByLookup (User)Salesforce User ID used in the modification of the Check Allocation Record.
OwnerLookup (User, Group)Salesforce User ID assigned as owner of the Check Allocation Record.
Payment Method IdLookup (Check)Creates a Relationship between the Check and the Check Allocation Records.

Next Steps

With an understanding of the Check Allocation object, Salesforce Administrators and Developers should continue in the path, next focusing on the Check Submission Queue object. For detailed information related to the Check Submission Queue object, please see the next section, labeled The Check Submission Queue Object.