Site Configuration

Configure a Public-Facing Mobile Capture Process

Configuring the Public-Facing Site

Upon configuration of the Payology Mobile Check Capture Custom Settings and Logo placement, clients choosing to use the Mobile Check Capture option must create a public-facing website.

To begin the website creation process, the Salesforce Administrator must first navigate to the Sites navigation item in Setup. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Gear icon on the top right-hand corner of the window.
  2. Click "Setup".
  3. In the left-hand side input box type "Sites".
  4. Click the navigation item labeled "Sites".
  5. Click the "New" button.
  6. Within the "Site Label" input field, type "Mobile Check Capture".
  7. Within the "Site Name" input field, type "Mobile_Check_Capture.
  8. Within the "Site Contact" input field, enter an Administrator User.
  9. Within the "Active Site Home Page" input field, type "C21CheckUpload".
  10. Advanced users can make all other necessary changes.
  11. Click "Save".

Basic Testing of the Public-Facing Site

To test whether the creation process was successful, within the Sites navigation window, please click the link within the Site URL column. If after clicking the URL, you are presented with the Check Capture User Interface, the creation process was successful. Otherwise, please contact your Account Manager to seek support from the Salesforce team.

Important Notes

Please note, that functional testing of the Public-Facing Site cannot take place until the appropriate permissions have been assigned to the Guest user.

Two additional setups are necessary for to work properly:

  1. Inside the Sites settings, disable the option: Assign new records created by Salesforce Sites guest users to a default owner in the org
  2. Inside the Sharing settings, edit it and disable the option Secure guest user record access

Next Steps

After creating the site, it is important for a Salesforce Administrator or Developer to change/add the logo found within the Payology Check Capture User Interface. For detailed information on adding or changing logos, please see the next section, labeled Adding Your Company Logo.