Introduction to Payology Lite

Submission of Checks to the Payment Gateway


The Payology Lite App for Salesforce was developed for the purpose of transmitting check images captured via the Payology Check Scanning or Mobile Check Capture Apps to the Payment Gateway and subsequently to the client's financial institution. In addition to transmission of items, the Payology Lite App is bi-directional, allowing clients who have opted-in, to receive check returns (i.e. NSF, Account Closed, etc.) in their Salesforce instance.

Use Cases

The Payology Lite App is widely used within the Salesforce ecosystem by Payology Check Scanning and Check Capture Clients. These clients have chosen not to use the full-featured Payology Prime App which also encompasses ACH, Canadian PADs, and payment notification features, rather utilizing a light-weight app solely for the collection of check payments.


The Payology Lite App requires only Salesforce. It can be installed by a Salesforce Administrator using the Salesforce AppExchange. Although the App does function as a stand-alone, the App is most commonly used, only by users of the Payology Check Scanning or Payology Mobile Capture Apps in Salesforce. We recommend using these Apps in your attempt to automate the receivables process.

Transmission of checks to a financial institution requires both a license to use the Payment Gateway and integration between the Payment Gateway and your financial institution.

Important Notes

In using the Payology Lite App, does retain the image of checks and all corresponding sensitive data (i.e. account number, MICR, etc) extracted by the Payology Mobile Check Capture or Payology Check Scanning Apps. Sensitive data is encrypted in Transit and at Rest.

Next Steps

To use the Payology Lite App, please speak with your Account Representative or contact Sales to obtain credentials. Once in possession of the appropriate authorization values, please see the next section, labeled Configuring Payology Lite.